The only premium railway car Voyager in all of Russia from the Tverskoy Express company is a unique and rare variant of comfortable movement in space for those who like to travel by train and are afraid of air travel. We have developed corporate identity and presentation site that form a unique and modern image of the car for demanding passengers.

Logo design

Logo design for train

The impetuous symbol in the form of an arrow-chevron is also the first letter of the name of the car and sets the rhythm of the entire corporate style.

Corporate identity design

Corporate identity for train

A laconic, minimalistic image created in corporate style media indicates that a train ride is a modern and easy way to travel in comfort, which is usually impossible even in business jets.

Booklet design for industrial company
Identity design for industrial company

Branded booklets and advertising media clearly demonstrate the modern interior of the car, which is fundamentally different from what everyone is used to seeing even in a luxury compartment of ordinary cars.

Industrial company's brandbook

The rules of using corporate identity are recorded in a detailed guide to the corporate style of the brand.

3D modeling of the railway car

3d models

For a visual demonstration of a unique service, we completely modeled the entire car and its interior. High-quality renders and panoramas made it possible to adequately represent the car on presentation printed materials and on the website.

Promo web-site design

web-site design for a train

The presentation site vividly demonstrates all the possibilities of the car, including through a panoramic tour, talks about additional services and allows you to leave a request for rent.

web-site of luxury train

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