The main objective of the redesign: a clear separation of the activities of the BEK bank and information gathering around these areas.

Banking web-site design concept

Bank web-site design

Interface prototyping

Bank web-site prototypes

Research stage and creation of accurate prototypes laid the groundwork for both front-end and technical solutions, and for the visual design of the future site.

Web-site design for BEK bank

Interface of a bank web-site

The main idea of the design is lightness. Therefore, so many layouts has free space. Thin fonts a proprietary color palette create a recognizable image of the bank.

design elements, fonts

Banking interface's icons

banking web-site icons

To focus on sections and important services, we prepared a set of branded icons. Simple and elegant, they create the necessary accents on the pages of the site and laconically develop its style.

bank web-site design elements

We created every screen interface and navigation elements, prepared all the icons, styles, and formed a guide for the further development of the site.

We have performed work on the layout, programming, testing and site's launch.

Bank web-site promotion

promotion of bank web-site

After the launch of the new site, we developed a strategy and carried out work to attract visitors to the website of the Bank of the WJC. We conducted a basic SEO-optimization, assuming a set of works to improve the indexing of the site. We planned and conducted a contextual advertising campaign aimed at private clients of the bank in two areas: mortgage loans and long-term deposits. Conducted events gave an excellent conversion and reasonable cost of the attracted customer.

"We realized with the team of Proxima digital agency 2 important projects. In each of them, they showed themselves doing the best during the whole process of work. They gave us fresh ideas on the simple and convenient organization of the interface. Thanks to them the projects turned out to be comfortable and easy to use. Technical implementation of the projects also took place in an organized and timely manner."

Eugene Surin, BEK bank

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