For the tourist company Tursales we've developed a website where any visitor can pick up a tour, using the search for a huge base of tours of leading tour operators, order it and, if desired, pay for all the services of a travel company directly on the site.

Web-design concept

Touristic web-site design

A simple, modern and at the same time bright interface persistently suggests using the database search of all major tour operators and choosing a suitable tour.

Web-site's interface design

Touritic web-site development

The interface of selection and purchase of the tour is designed with a focus on practicality and convenience. Right on the site visitors can buy the selected tour, order an additional visa, insurance. You can pay in full or in installments, visitors are fully available for the most convenient payment for their vacation.

Design elements of touristic web-site

During the work on the design of the site interface, we developed solutions that visually display an array of data on all possible combinations of tours, their properties and hotel descriptions. In the process of development we have solved a number of unusual technical questions on the integration of various services into the system of search for tours on the site.

Responsive web-site design

Responsive web-site design of touristic company

A visitor of a site with a smartphone or tablet can choose and buy a ticket exactly with the same comfort as the user of the desktop computer. All interfaces are designed responsively, based on virtually any modern device.

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