Modern residential complex "Tricolor" - one of the projects of the leading developer company in Moscow Capital Group. A task was set before us instead of an outdated promotional website, which no longer meets the company's business objectives, to design and develop a practical adaptive website that will adequately and affordably tell about the complex, help you choose an apartment and easily fix a purchase request.

real estate web-site design

Designing a residential complex website

real estate web-site wireframes

The complex is already built and gradually settled, therefore, in addition to the scenario of purchasing new housing, the site becomes an important channel for informing the residents of the complex. We have worked out all the main scenarios for using the site and designed a new structure, simple and understandable. Each interface screen is designed for quick perception of information.

Design concept of the site of a residential complex

web-site design for real estate company

We have developed a light and discreet design concept of the site. The whole emphasis on the unique advantages of the complex, on a really convenient mechanism for selecting an apartment and simple navigation.

Design interface screens

real estate web-site interface

We work on each screen of the site interface in accordance with the agreed design concept. Search, quick application in 2 clicks, the ability to create your own list of favorite options - everything is provided for a high-quality selection of housing.

interface design for real estate company

For the already settled tenants, there is a section with detailed information on the infrastructure of the residential complex, a calendar of upcoming events and a form for collecting wishes from tenants.

Adaptive design layouts for smartphones

Responsive real estate web-site design

Of course, the site is adaptive and allows you to comfortably use all the possibilities from any device.

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