Online service for the selection and purchase of educational courses abroad is a project of the market leader, the company Jeystudy. We have developed a service that allows you to select the desired course of study of a foreign language from a large base of educational institutions, select its duration and make an order, collecting your program directly on the site, including flights, accommodation and a number of additional services.

Website development

The booking service allows you to find in the large database all kinds of educational programs: for schoolchildren, for students, for businessmen. It can be both short-term courses for a couple of weeks or summer vacations, as well as a serious educational program for a year or more.

Web-site development

The online service allows you to choose for yourself an education, choosing the most preferred country, city, educational institution, the desired intensity of training and duration. A lot of real feedback from Jeystudy clients helps to better understand the merits of various educational institutions.

interface design development

Education abroad is always not only education, but also tourism at the same time. That is why the service developed by us allows you to choose interesting accommodation options, both in hotels and in families of native speakers, which helps to plunge into the language environment as efficiently as possible.

Inerface design

The technical service platform includes a CRM system that will allow company managers to handle every request and centrally manage all orders.

We provide long-term project support for more than 5 years.

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