is a popular gaming web-site. Eight years ago, we already developed a logo and website design for it. This time, the task was to update the interface and design adaptive behavior to improve pageviews, time spent on the site and other metrics.

Website design concept

Web-site design for game portal

The new design concept inherits and develops the corporate identity of the project. Keeping successful decisions of the old site architecture, we designed a new content delivery, relying on the mobile first approach, as more than two-thirds of visitors visit the site from smartphones. Contrasting red and black create a sharp and memorable image of the project.

Interface prototyping

Game portal prototypes

During the creation of prototypes, we carefully studied the current scenarios for using the site and compiled typical portraits of users. Based on user insights, we were able to offer new interfaces for demonstrating and interacting with content.

Responsive website interface

Responsive web-design

All the functionality is available and easy to use on any smartphone or tablet.


UI-kit for gaming web-site

With the final chord, we are assembling a simplified atomic system for developers, which will help to independently design additional interface screens.

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