Software2Life is a unique company in the field of custom software development. It is founded by professionals in IT with many years of experience and possesses a worthy Guinness Book of Records competence in the field of creating and developing software products.

Our tasks were to create a modern corporate identity that reflects the company's philosophy and adaptive website design.

Company logo and pattern

software development company logotype

A dynamic style with a grid pattern reflects the IT specifics of the company's work, and a graphic sign in the form of a sheet and a stylized tree simultaneously speaks of an approach in work that involves attention to detail and focus on the long-term development of client software products.

Basic elements of the corporate identity

corporate identity for IT company

Web-site interface is full of animation, which helps to feel the special approach of Software2Life for work with clients and projects.

Web-site animation between screens

Adaptive design mock-ups

web-site design for IT company

Adaptive site design makes it possible to study information from any device equally comfortably.

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