S.miles mobile app is intended for those who simply like to run and for those who do it professionally. The application includes a functional tracker for jogging, as well as social functions that allow not only to track their jogs, but also to create events, communicate with friends in spirit and even contains an exciting game component for the fans of running.

Mobile app branding and design

We've come from scratch to design the application twice, in order to create a user-friendly interface and make the application as useful as possible. The main usage scenarios, the possible types of target audience, the structure, all the hypotheses and interface capabilities were scrupulously discussed and worked out to create the most user friendly experience.

Application prototypes

mobile application prototype

The next step was to create a unique logo and design concept for the application. In addition, we have prepared an extensive sticker for creating unique posts in social networks.

Design concept and layouts

Design for mobile application

Application sticker pack

mobile app stickers

You can see the functionality of the tracker of a regular jog on the video. Your results can then easily be saved and shared together with Selfie and a sticker in your favorite social network.

The video shows the possibility of creating a group event so that everyone can invite their friends through the application for a run from the list of their contacts, as well as those who have not already installed this application.

Also game mechanism was planned inside app with the creation of its own locations, the check-in in their own and others' locations and a multi-level hierarchy of user statuses in them. The most active participants could reach the mayor in a certain location with the bonuses from the service.

Check-in game mechanism

game inside mobile app
mobile app gamification

All screens, their states, adaptations for different versions of iPhones and resolutions, and even the smallest nuances of small graphics and animation were carefully worked out and collected in a detailed guideline of the application interface that was sent to the development.

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