RNB Boutique Hotel is located on the island of Hulhumale in the Maldives. The small and carefully decorated hotel offers an excellent holiday in a place that many rightfully call paradise. We have developed a hotel's web-site with detailed information about all rooms, services, restaurant and certainly with the possibility to book a room directly on the site.

Hotel web-site design
Boutique hotel web-site design

Huge background photos, large headlines with a decorative font along with a clean layout of the information create a modern and attractive image of the RNB boutique hotel .

Hotel web-design
Hotel web-site development

Detailed information about SPA services, massage and restaurants of the boutique hotel allows you to plan your stay in the hotel well in advance and book these services for the desired time.

Responsive web-site design

Each room in the hotel is decorated in its own unique style. Web-siteʼs visitors can carefully examine the photo galleries to decide which design they like most.

Responsive design of the hotel web-site

Web-design for a hotel

The site is ready for equally comfortable viewing and working on any device: computer, tablet and smartphone.

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