The Internet Forum "RIF Voronezh" is perhaps the largest regional Internet event in Russia that brings together leading Russian and foreign experts in Internet marketing and development, as well as listeners from many regions of Russia. We designed the design of the two previous sites of the Internet forum and gladly took up the task for the third time.

Logo design

Conference logo design

Every year the conference "RIF Voronezh" changes its style to demonstrate the change not only of the speakers, but the whole concept of the event, its accents. This year we developed the logo of the forum and together with the client determined the constants of the corporate identity.

Prototypes of the interface of the conference site

web-site prototypes design

We studied the statistics of visits, the characteristics of user behavior, analyzed the scenarios of using the conference site last year, took into account the identified disadvantages and designed new interfaces, taking into account the innovations of this year.

Design concept of conference site

Conference web-site design concept

Based on a fresh corporate identity, we design a vivid concept of an Internet forum site.

Interface design of the forum program

web-interface design

The most important functional of the site of any conference is its program. Especially when the performances are held simultaneously in six halls, broken into directions and combined into semantic blocks. The interface developed by us allows each participant to understand all the variety of reports, to collect and maintain his individual visit program.

Interface design

We design the interface of all screens, applying a lively and dynamic corporate style.

Design of interface of competition of sites

Interface design mock-ups

Every year, within the framework of the "RIF Voronezh" forum, there is also a contest of sites with the same name. The website contest has its own logo, a figurine, its slightly different corporate identity and a section of the site that we designed using an individual color scheme.

“I know the guys already 10 years old probably. Quite a lot of work together on projects. Effective team. In fact, they are not perceived as executors, but rather as partners, for they will always prompt design errors, advise more effective solutions. And it is very like it! I wish to keep the high quality of work.”

Aleksey Fillipov, RIF

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