Rentarget helps in rental of construction equipment. One side can easily find the right technique and the other side may quickly rent it.

web-site animation

Interface design of machinery rental online platform

web-site design for industrial start up

We have designed and developed a comfortable and easy to use web-service that helps equipment owners and tenants to interact. User-friendly interface allows you to quickly add equipment to rent. Tenants can easily find them with the necessary equipment in an extensive catalog.

Inner pages interface design

interface design for industrial online platform

Service includes a number of handy tools. Tenants can simply create a competitive bid, specifying the required parameters, which will be sent immediately with a suitable equipment owners.

Startup development of rental machinery platform

Icons for machinery catalog

icons for a web-site

We've created a series of icons for better visualization of the catalog.

web-site wireframes for online service of industrial rent

Web-service allows you to settle all the nuances of the rental equipment directly on the site via the private messaging system. Rentarget works in Russia and Belarus.

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