The brand Positive Plus offers high-quality and affordable lighting products, relying on the positive impressions of consumers. We have developed a simple and convenient corporate website that helps dealers in their daily work, and ordinary consumers in choosing the right products from the Positive Plus range.

web-site design

Web-site prototypes

Web-site structure

First of all, we analyzed the tasks of the site and the information necessary for the demonstration and put them into a simple and logical structure of the site.

Prototyping a corporate website

Then, each interface screen was scrupulously worked out, based on the importance of the information contained and possible user scenarios.

Design concept

Web-design concept

Based on the existing corporate identity of the company, we have developed a modern, rich and at the same time practical website design.

web-site design mockups

We impose an adaptive interface, paying due attention to the work of the site on smartphones. We connect the management system, individually setting it up for the client’s business processes.

Responsive web-design

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