Paritetservis sells new and used Honda and Acura cars, provides financing, trade-in and corporate services, offers spare parts and accessories for automobiles. We've developed the site that helps the user to choose a car, sign up for the service, or to get acquainted with all the available services.

Honda dealer web-site's main page design

Web-site's interface wireframes

Wireframes design for Honda car dealer

When designing the site, we decomposed all aspects of the company's activities into components and assembled them into a logical and understandable structure. The projected site includes: catalogs of new and used cars, a separate catalog of branded accessories, information about the service and the purchase of cars on credit.

Web-site's interface design

Web-site development of car dealer

Web-site design presents information about new Honda cars in the most attractive form. All the parameters, technical characteristics, variants of picking and painting the body are collected in easy-to-learn blocks and push visitors to fill in the application for a free test drive of the car.

Used cars catalog design
Honda dealer website design by Proxima digital agency

Attention to detail, which shows the company Honda to their cars, was shown by us to the development of the interface. Exclusive galleries and lovingly designed blocks - we tried to show concern even where it would be invisible to the average user of the site.

Web-site's elements design

Car manufacturer website design details
Web-design elements for Honda car dealer site

Web-site interaface on mobile devices

The interface of the site was designed to work on tablets and modern smartphones.

Responsive design

The site clearly performs the role of a 24-hour sales consultant, collecting applications for test drives, service, purchasing spare parts and accessories of spare parts and distributing them between company departments.

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