Online banking interface redesign of MTBank assumed a complete change in the structure and logic of the work. Our task was to create a common concept of the online bank, the subsequent design and preparation of the entire user interface.

Interface design for banking services
Specification for online-banking interface

We examined the business requirements, analyzed the current user behavior and existing problems. Based on the analyzed information, we proposed a new concept with an emphasis on banking products, as the main essence. In the prepared prototypes, each step is thought out and simplified as much as possible, taking into account the technical limitations of the system.

Online banking prototypes

Each screen is carefully designed and scrupulously drawn.

Online banking design
Online banking web-interface

We have prepared all the graphic elements and an exhaustive guide for layout and for project development.

Online banking interface design elements
interface design for online banking
online banking interface
Icons for the web-site
Guideline for online banking interface design

Innovative solutions and a constant focus on users allowed us to develop a successful product now used by thousands of bankʼs clients.

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