MSB-M manufactures professional electrical equipment. For a long time the company worked completely without a corporate identity. We have developed for MSB-M logo, corporate identity and design layouts of the corporate site.

Logo design for industrial manufacturer

professional logo design

A strong confident modern sign is similar to an electrical circuit element. It easily and successfully encrypts metaphors of reliability and protection with the help of a framing line-contour.

Corporate identity design

Corporate identity design of industrial company

A bold combination of strict gray, silver and bright orange colors, a combination of bar-like antiqua and modern grotesque create a memorable and professional image of the company.

Corporate brandbook design

We developed an integrated design platform, prepared the design of a large number of elements of corporate identity and described everything in the detailed corporate brandbook.

Design of corporate cars

The corporate style's guide covers among other things the design of the company's branded cars.

Company's web-site design

Corporate web-site design

Design layouts of the site were another logical carrier of corporate identity. We designed a modern and practical interface. With its help, the company laconically and professionally talks about its products and working conditions.

industrial company web-site design

We developed adaptive templates for the site, which provide equally comfortable access to information from a smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.

Responsive web-site design of industrial company

As a result of the work performed, MSB-M received a comprehensive corporate identity covering all communication channels, which makes it possible to be sure of the same and verified impressions when working with clients.

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