The Leading Properties of the World — real estate company that sells luxury properties around the world. In addition to real estate services, the company started up its own marketplace of exclusive real estate. To identify it, we needed an evolutionary rethinking of the company's logo we had developed earlier.

Project logo design sample on the magazine's mock-up

Luxury real estate logo sample in the magazine.

Corporate mark stamp design example

Luxury real estate mark stamp example.

The new brand name fits perfectly into the modern rhythm of megapolis's life. The lion's logo harmoniously accompanies on the advertising media the communication of one of the largest online catalogs of elite real estate in the world.

Luxury real estate company logo design on the city-light mock-up

Luxury real estate logo mock-up sample.

Corporate booklet design example

Luxury real estate booklet design sample.

Business cards sample

Luxury real estate business card example.

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