Reference and advisory service Likengo allows people to share their impressions of various places and find out what local experts recommend. We designed the interface of the visited service, which is used daily by tens thousands people and which has a database of more than 100 thousand places.

web-site design

We were especially pleased to come back and do a better project, on which we had already worked several years ago.

Interface Design

Information structure and wireframing

First of all, we conducted a thorough analysis of visitor statistics, key metrics for viewing depth, time spent on the site, bounce rate, dynamics of changes in visits by time and category, as well as user devices. The analysis of statistics and competitor sites helped to form the main user scenarios and paths. Comparing the tasks of redesign, analyzed metrics and formed forecasts, we proposed a new structure of the service and key screens of its interface.


We interpreted the new logo and the new color gamut of the project, creating the actual design solution, using which we designed the main interfaces of the new version of the service.

The extensive catalog of diverse places with the system of selection and search is a responsible interface that is obliged to help the visitor to find what he is looking for. The project has more than fifty cities and their number is increasing every day.

A guide to places offers news, promotions and hand-made collections of the best places in the city, making it easier for visitors to choose.

Sophisticated feedback system allows you to get an objective look at the strengths and weaknesses of each place

Responsive website interface

Responsive web-site design

The design layout of the mobile version of the site is given no less attention than the desktop version. Already, more than half of service users come from a smartphone and their share will continue to grow. Therefore, the developed adaptive interface of the site helps mobile users to solve their problems with the same comfort.

Site design system

Design system of web-site

For the qualitative implementation of the developed interface and for the convenience of long-term maintenance and development, we have prepared a detailed UI-kit, which over time will become a complete design system. It contains all the styles and rules of the formation of interface elements.

We continue to cooperate, developing interface screens for new versions of the service.

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