The medical clinic L-clinic has long established itself as an expert in dentistry. We have developed for the company a new modern corporate identity and responsive website which form a unique image of the dental clinic.

Corporate style of dentistry

Dentistry's logo design

Light, simple and simultaneously charismatic sign successfully defeats the peculiarity of the dental clinic L-clinic's name.

We created a logo, which with all its appearance speaks of trust. Wide resistant letters give confidence and reliability, extremely important in dental services.

Avoiding trivial tricks like a graphic sign in the shape of a tooth, we created a logo of this form, which clearly indicates the direction of the clinic's work.

Dental clinic identity design
Medical clinic identity elements

The numerous elements of the corporate identity prepared by us create a confident image and form high expectations from the results of the work of the dental clinic L-clinic.

Dental clinic web-site design

Dental clinic web-design

The modern site of dentistry organically supports high level of communication with clients. Designed in accordance with the standards of corporate identity, the site clearly communicates information about the work of dentistry without unnecessary phrases and ornate formulations.

Medical web-site UX/UI design

You can get acquainted with cases of unusual cases of treatment, determine the possible cost of services and make an appointment online for a visit to the dentist.

Responsive web-design for dental clinic

As usually we designed and developed a website that is equally convenient to use from any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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