Iddqd studio creates 3D visualization of unbulit architecture. The company refers to its work as an art, trying to give each image its own atmosphere, not always real but always thought out to the slightest polygon. We have developed a website that best conveys the taste and mood of the studio's work.

Design concept of the studio's web-site

Vizualization studio's web-site design

We created a website design using exclusively customer images, without a single design image and even icons. The only images on the site are the work of the studio. And also photos of their office and employees.

Interface design of studio web-site

Web-site development for 3d vizualization studio.

The site is designed and developed around the studio cases. Here everything is aimed solely at a qualitative and effective demonstration of the executed works, without superfluous words and beliefs.

Responsive studio web-design

Presented cases of the studio visualization is equally convenient to view on any device, thanks to the adaptively designed interface of the site.

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