Translation agency Human Translations translates technical and humanitarian texts into and from English. We came up with and developed for the agency a logo and design elements of corporate identity, demonstrating open communication with customers.

Logo design

translations agency logotype

The graphic sign of the logo is two conditional "clouds" of messages, which together form the title letter of the name of the translation agency. And it is made in the colors of the British flag.

Corporate identity design

Cprporate identity for translations agency

A bright graphic concept was found for corporate identity which clearly demonstrates the transformation during the translation, and also helps to show the translation agency's attention to cultural features, to the difference in sound and all the other nuances of the work.

Translation's agency corporate identity

Live interaction with the client in the translation process allows you to achieve the best result, which is emphasized in the design of carriers of the corporate style of the company.

Brandbook design

Corporate identity for human translations

We have developed brandbook to maintain the level of corporate identity design. It describes all the rules for creating and implementing visual media, as well as graphic techniques for the design of promotional materials.

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