HOBEK Company is engaged in designing and creating electric and low-current infrastructure of buildings and structures. We developed an easy and modern corporate identity, which allowed to reach a new level in communication with customers for the company.

Logotype design

Industrial company logotype

The company's simple and light company logo contains the first two letters of the name. Together with a friendly font face and firm color, the logo forms a calm and balanced image of a technology company with high competence in its field.

Corporate identity elements

Business cards design
Corporate identity elemnts design

Quite simple and with this carefully adjusted style of design of the company's branded carriers develops a direct and confident visual communication.

Corporate identity guideline design

Corporate identity guideline

We have created a detailed guide to the corporate style, which includes rules for the construction and use of the logo, proprietary fonts, brand colors and rules for building all branded elements. The detailed brand book helps to maintain the same level of visual communication and fixes the professional image of the company.

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