Health Finance start-up works as a good financial intermediary between clinics and patients who need professional medical services. We developed the corporate identity of the project, created the design of the landing page and developed UI design of online service itself.

Logo design of Health Finance start-up

Health Finance logotype design sample.

Health.Finance project helps to easily find acceptable conditions for financial provision of paid medical services. That's why at the heart of the idea of the logo is the visualization of the combination of the wishes of the client and the financial requirements of the medical clinic.

Corporate identity of fintech and healthcare project samples

Business cards for health finance fintech startup samples.

The visual system of the project is based on two main colors, one of which symbolizes the world of finance, and the other one — the world of medicine and health. Soft font for headings and a modern headset for the main text dispose users to trust and comfort when using the service.

Corporate iedntity example for medical online service.

Landing page design examples

Landing page design for medical project

Easy and simple landing site thoroughly tells details about the benefits of using the service. The description of the service is accompanied by nice and clear icons. The landing page interface is responsive and designed for comfortable studying the information on any device from the smartphone to the desktop.

Responsive health&finance landing page design sample.

User experience and interface design samples

UX/UI design example for health&finance project.

During the prototyping and designing of the interface of the medical and financial system we paid careful attention to the convenient process of filling out clients' applications for lending to medical services, as well as the interface to work with applications. The work done makes it possible to be sure that the entire client will be comfortable leaving information about himself, and the manager won't be mistaken in the course of processing applications.

User Interface design sample of medical fintech startup.

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