Dragtimes auto news portal actively uses Facebook, VK, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Youtube as an alternative channel for content distribution. Separate accounts in Facebook, VK for RDRC help to inform fans about the progress of the Russian drag racing championship.

social media accounts promotion campaign

The client reached us with a task to put in order the fragmented communication in social networks and to plan activity in the automotive season 2016 year.

We immediately took up the job.

SMM promotion in action

First, we conducted a detailed analysis of all the social networking audience. We've studied each network channel, it's language, portrait of the typical user and time periods when the largest number of subscribers are online.

Analysis of social media

Then, on the basis of tasks and analyze the situation, we have developed a strategy for digital activity, which covered all social accounts. We have developed a content release schedules and plan out all tactical actions for the season. All the work was divided between us and Dragtimes PR department.

Social media marketing plan and shedule

We completely rebuilt the distribution mechanism of content in social networks, organizing its automatic publication in social networks directly from the Dragtimes and RDRC web-sites. The unique video content, including online broadcast from the event, began to post directly to social networks.

Social media content distribution

Twitter live broadcast of the races results was configured for all the stages of RDRC. The data went directly from the sensors on the track.

Online broadcast into social media accounts

We took part in Instagram account posting. We redesigned and optimized the entire archive footage for Dragtimesinfo channel on Youtube, as well as helped in the launch of new sections and new videos.

Youtube and instagram promotion

We've developed rules for content design and spent a large amount of an activation events: virality special content just for social networks, raffles tickets for RDRC stages, polls and online quizzes with prizes.

Social media posts

Our campaign actively urged on the main indicators of the success of social networks: total views, increase in the number of subscribers, as well as their involvement.

Resultative social media promotion

The prepared strategy and regulations of conducting social networks we have developed still help PR department Dragtimes to conduct social activity even after completion of the SMM campaign.

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