AKTIV.CONSULTING is a new and independent division of a large IT company “Aktiv-soft”, which deals with information security consulting. The client addressed us with the urgent task of creating and presenting a new brand.

Logo design for IT company

Logotype design for information security firm

The robust broad letters of the modern grotesque and the original color scheme set a solid basis for the corporate style of the consulting company, which they seek for expertise in information security. The company's logo is also the address of the site.

Development of corporate identity for IT company

Corporate identity for IT company

An important graphic element of the corporate identity is at the same time a metaphor for a maze, a fingerprint and a cut of a tree trunk, speaking about the intricacy of information security problems, user identification and the importance of tasks solved by a company.

Corporate booklet design for IT company
Identity guideline for IT company

We developed a brand book with the general rules of corporate identity and issued a large number of corporate identity carriers, both physical and exclusively digital.

Rapid website development

Rapid website development for IT company

For several days before the event, the presentation of a new brand, we immediately brought together a presentation site-landing, using the site builder.

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