"Aeroblock" plant is one of the leading enterprises specializing in the production of aerated concrete blocks of autoclave hardening, which is in great demand in the modern construction of the material. We have developed a new corporate identity for the enterprise and a corporate website that emphasize the high quality of the products and customer focus.

Logo design

Logo design for concrete plant

We solved the delicate task of the evolutionary rebranding: keeping the recognizable forms of the logo became serious and professional. Strong, stable font and reference composition inspire confidence in the quality of materials and reliability of the company.

Corporate identity design

Corporate identity develops the quality of the logo, unambiguously bringing them to the viewer. The original dot pattern transmits the main property of aerated concrete, which contains air bubbles, ensuring the lightness and heat resistance of this material.

Logo design

Creation of a corporate product pattern

Corporate pattern design

For the design of the plant's products, a number of patterns have been prepared, each of which hints, either on the properties of the materials, or on how it is laid during construction.

Corporate identity carriers

Corporate identity design for plant
Corporate identity elements of plant

A weighty guide to corporate style includes all the rules of visual communication, including standards for the design of a variety of advertising media.

Corporate web-site development

Web-site development for concrete plant

The site designed and developed by us accurately and professionally tells about the company.

Interface design of concrete plant's web-site

Catalog of products allows you to clearly navigate the capabilities of the company and form an application for purchase. The catalog of ready-made projects helps to determine approximately the volumes of necessary purchases. And for calculation on the site the calculator is designed, allowing to calculate the number of blocks to within a block.

Responsive web-site's interface

web-site design for plant

Traditionally, the site is designed for comfortable work with it on any device, desktop and mobile.

“The agency team did a great job on rebranding, delicately retaining the historical components of the logo and creating a new, strong, concrete image of our company. At the same time, the agency has developed a new site for us. Here, the work was also done professionally, clearly and without problems. We did not have to go into all the details of the site development process, a qualified manager communicated with us, verified solutions were offered, the already tested result was demonstrated. Absolutely ready to recommend the company as a professional and responsible performer! ”

Artem Danishevky, Aeroblock

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