Advcash payment system combines modern digital financial instruments and comfortable conditions for working with them. We have developed a new logo and corporate identity, which delicately rethought the old style of service and offered the basis of visual communication, on the basis of which all new media and interfaces will be shaped.

payment system's logo design

Initially, the payment system was called Advanced cash, then the name was reduced to advcash. We came up with an elegant solution to highlight the component parts of the name, which allowed us to separate these parts despite the fact that they are written together.

Logo design for payment system

advcash logo design

Financial flows, metaphorically transmitted using green lines, “permeate” the main letter A in a graphic sign. The sign still resembles a star, originally chosen as a sign of the high quality of the system, which is now supported by the long-term stable operation of the service.

Corporate identity of the payment system

Identity design of payment system

Calm, friendly colors and concise graphic techniques make out the carriers of the corporate style of the payment system. The metaphor of numerous financial calculations, conveyed by the many flying green lines, harmoniously complements visual communication, both in the form of a static pattern and unobtrusive animation for digital media.

Corporate identity for fintech company

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