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Web Consulting Services

What Is Web Development and Web Analytics Consulting

Talking about web consulting with ordinary people often makes them smile uncertainly with the questioning “What is that? Why does the consulting in digital world is so important?” It is obvious for the user that a nice design of the site and logical browsing are a success. But it doesn’t work for business!

To make your corporative, personal or e-commerce site working for your sake and getting income it’s necessary to provide the right strategic plan of its development from the beginning of design works to the content-filling plan. And that’s a job of web development consulting pro’s.

All the sphere of web consulting services includes some peculiar directions, such as:

  • Web analytics consulting,
  • Web page design consulting,
  • Web development consulting,
  • Web strategy consulting.

That’s not a full specifications list, but it describes the parts of a web consulting firm’s work in common words.

Web Development Services in Today’s Business: To Whom They May Be Helpful

As the presentation through the internet becomes an important part of nowadays’ business, it makes a great demand among all types of companies. Web development consulting services will be helpful in advising and your site supporting:

  • If you are a small business owner: small business web consulting can help you to present your company, your products or services in different ways as in making a website for you and your needs, so in presentation your business in social media and working under social media marketing strategy.
  • E-commerce is one of the modern business parts that develop rapidly and it has also a great need in advising and e-commerce web consulting.
  • Your personal website and creation of your personal brand – that’s what the consultant can provide for you in a full range.
  • Large corporations with the state-size audience often have their own hired consulting for web service, but for achieving really great results the web consulting agency will be the better decision.

Web Developer or Web Consultant: What’s The Difference

Talking about web pro consulting it’s important to understand the difference between the web developing and consultations. And the difference is essential for your business!

  • Web development itself is only a part of a great work. Is comes with predominantly technical decisions and advising. With the help of a developer you can work under the site’s design and functionality or get just web accessibility consulting but he doesn’t bring you money in a distant perspective. After working under and ending your project, the web developer will turn to the next project not supporting yours.
  • Web consulting solutions are the complex ones. They include: web development consulting services, web analytics consulting, a creation of your marketing strategy, improving mistakes and planning your site content.

Of course, the difference exists in the payment rates: web consulting fees are higher than the developer’s one. For example, the average price for the site development services in the US begins at $20 per hour. And web development consulting rates are three times more expensive – they start with $100 per hour on average.

The difference is also in the working process: developers are applied pro’s – they give you the decision of your problem in the technical sphere and apply it in practice to your site.

On the contrary, website consulting services listen to the client’s demands at first, then they propose a business plan or decision list for getting the best result. And these decisions are launched with technical, web presence consulting, marketing strategies at once. After that the consultant redirects the parts of project work to the specialists – developers, analytics, marketing specialists, copywriters, content managers, web designers etc. The performing and controlling under it – is the most important part of web creations and consulting.

How Does the Web Analytic Consulting Help Your Site Promotion

There are plenty of ways a web consultation service will make your website better.

  1. Looking over your website mistakes, ranging them in priority order and solve them.
  2. Making a decision if rebuilding of a website is recommended.
  3. Listening to the client and making him sure the work will be done.
  4. Helping to broke some web design myths for choosing the right design.
  5. Helping the client to understand his website’s audience.
  6. Planning the website strategy and making the purpose of client’s site.
  7. Mapping the structure of a site and collecting the data for web analytics consulting services.
  8. Prototyping website for testing the model and getting it a better version of itself.
  9. Making SEO-audit on a present site for improving content mistakes.
  10. Finding the content writer for a site or training the client to do it himself.
  11. Diagnosing the usability of site.
  12. Converting it to CMS.
  13. Redesigning homepages or landing pages.
  14. Making site marketing consulting and traffic analyses.

All these parts of the big project’s command work that’s called web consulting! Choose the right strategy for your business development through the internet with the help of modern technologies and digital marketing techniques.