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UX/UI design services

UI and UX design services always go in pairs - so close, that often combined into one.

Nevertheless, the definitions are not quite correct. Because UI design is how your clients physically see and feel your product - color, form, sizes, any other characteristics of the user’s interface. And UX design is about how your clients mentally feel, using your product - which user experience they get and how it impresses. But in fact, it’s really complicated to split - UI/UX design services are a complex of services in interface development because usability is as important as the appearance.

UX/UI design for your company

Ease, conciseness and instant solution of the task - this is what users need from your product. The main design goal for our specialists’ team in UI/UX design services is to lead the user to a specific logical point you need by the shortest path. Actions must be performed in the most intuitive interface. The aesthetic shell design and the functionality hidden behind should make it easier for the user to achieve his goals and, at the same time, bring the service to purchase or order.

UI/UX design company is the most important and most complex task for your business. Because it concerns all - website, mobile app, a mobile version of the website, desktop product etc. And it includes all - UI design service, UX design company as user experience, user scenario, onboarding, user journey maps, user flow design. Only all in a complex - full scope of work in creating the interface for interaction with the user.

UX/UI design company has different stages, each one is important.

  1. Research - you and our team are trying to find out more about your clients: who they are, what they are looking for, what challenges they have and any other statistics, data, metrics etc. Then we create user persona, user journey maps, experience maps, scenarios. Knowing who is your client and which are their pains, what you need to solve is a core basis for your product UX/UI.
  2. Creation and design - at this stage we are starting to visualize your and our ideas. Sketches, wireframes, images, prototypes, moodboards, guidelines. We create a visual basis for the future professional UI design.
  3. Implementing and testing - all product hypothesis and design elements need to be checked and tested on your real users. A/B testing, usability tests, track usage - all that helps to evaluate the effectiveness of graphic design user interface services and user experience. Ineffective tools excluded and need to be replaced. Sometimes it is much more important for improvement to remove bad run.
  4. Development - the final stage of creating your product. After testing, evaluation, and changes we are able to develop a product with both effective UX and intuitive UI interfaces.

User-friendly interface design for your company

Despite UX/UI design services is a complex task, we can claim it has a design-centric approach. Creating professional user interface design for your product is impossible without professional skills, art taste and knowledge about trends. Our team is very experienced in these core competencies - that’s why our user interface design services are so demanded. It doesn’t matter if you need android professional ui design or web app interface design or else - we can create an effective and attractive user interface design for your company. And for your users, of course, for their effective and enjoyable use.
Developing an interface design company, we always use some next guidelines:

  • user interface design is important for transferring the strengths of the brand and the visual assets to the user’s interface in order to maximize user interaction.
  • user interface design is part of the process of visual user guidance through the product interface by using interactive elements (for all kinds of platforms and sizes - desktop, web, mobile app and web app user interface design).
  • user interface design includes the responsibility to collaborate and work with developers (UX designers).

If trying to find analogies, UI design will be a product’s skin - the visual part of your product. Moreover, we are responsible for sensitivity - how the user interacts and reacts with the product. Don’t forget about gestures - product hints and guides, leading the user through their experience. From the other side, UX design is a product’s skeleton and muscles - it is about how everything is working and operates, providing solutions for the user’s needs.

Professional user interface design

UI/UX design company is not a smart pictures renderers. It is based on a deep analysis: target audience, user behavior, user journey map, typical scenario, your goals. Considering all these, some UI/UX and service design elements are created.

Proxima agency team provides some advantages in UI/UX design services:

  • huge experience;
  • careful listening;
  • deep analysis;
  • expertise in users behavior;
  • mastery of design tools;
  • expertise in development (web, app, desktop, etc).

We are ready to provide you professional user interface design, which combines your goal and client needs.