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Why is Branding Crucial for IT Startups

Aleksandr Adams

Briefly. Even if you have a brilliant idea you can't sell it without a good wrap. There is never a second chance to make a first impression!

When you own an IT startup, you may think that you don’t need branding because your idea is so bloody good. And you will get the investors that will listen to you, understand your ideas and invest in your startup. However, imagine that you make a presentation – shouldn’t it be already branded?

Main mistakes

Most of IT startups think they «don’t need it» or that they «will do it later». However, there is never a second chance to make a first impression – neither on investors nor on your clients. Moreover, your branding reveals how you are primed for your project.
A lot of teams spend 90% of their time developing a product while also they can’t simply put the project concept. Don’t forget to step back and look at your product as a client. Furthermore, think how your branding can help to explain the value of your project.
Postponing your branding would seem like an easy call, waiting till your project will accumulate enough cash flows or over-income. Meanwhile, the hard reality reveals that there is no extra-money. Moreover, it always be lack of funding for branding. Nevertheless, a good brand will help you to earn more.

Why do you need branding?

  1. To be heard. The modern reality could be much harder than you think – there are a lot of worthy projects, and all of them try to get investor’s money or client’s attention. If you have a new and great idea, effective branding will help to explain it. Brand could be a concentration of your idea, which interacts with your target audience.
  2. To be understood. Different markets and nations need different tools. So, if your audience consists of Americans, you can’t use «russian-like» branding.
  3. Not to redo. Imagine that your project is successful without branding (did you get what you were waiting for?), and clients use your service. It’s good because you have your own customer base, but one day you will want to change it. Furthermore, this process can be very painstaking.

Creation of corporate identity

Of course, branding is not conceivable without developing the company's corporate identity. This includes visual characteristics, their communication with potential customers, and much more. Corporate identity is made up of different branding elements.

Logo and color
You need to understand that this is your really «ID». So, you need to choose it carefully. It should be easy to remember and related to the technology you develop.

This is the place where your clients (or investors) should be impressed and interested in your product, isn’t it? Besides, all elements should be easy to find, and branding correspondence is also very important. Well branded website will create a distinct vision of your product and bring pleasant emotions while surfing.

Business plan or white paper
This is your most effective tool for attracting investors. In your opinion, if your documents will differ from dozens of black-and-white presentations, could your project be more effective, easy to understand and remember?

Press releases
A good article is a good promotion tool. Use it with your branding elements to make your project more recognizable.

Social media
There are a lot of options: Facebook business profile, Telegram channel or community chat, Medium blog, YouTube videos etc. Moreover, a branded content will look more professional.

Important events
People standing for the project should present your product at important events. These include seminars, conferences, webinars etc. It’s a good way to get contact with investors, business partners and media, as well as attract public attention.