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Why good UX is a «must have» for fintech-startup?

Aleksandr Adams

Fintech appeared as a convenient alternative to slow and clumsy traditional finances. If this didn't convince you that your fintech-project should deliver good user experience, let’s discuss it in more detail.

One of the fintech definitions states that this is every innovative solution that changes our way of using the money. And main trends of such changes are speed, usability and intuitive interface. People are looking for solutions that help do usual things faster and easier. This is impossible if your interface is unclear or needs a lot of time to pay for tickets, for example.
Despite it being a new industry, there is a huge competition here between traditional banks and startups. If you want to get your own piece of the pie, you should surprise high-fed users.


Do you remember the stand-up by Louis C. K. where he parodies someone on the airplane, who was trying to connect to Wi-Fi and could not wait for a second while his smartphone was connecting to satellites? Although it’s really funny, it’s our reality – people don’t want to wait any longer. One of customer surveys says that 5% of users would close a website if it loads longer than 3 seconds. Customers don’t really care how long it takes for you to connect different interfaces – companies fight for seconds of customer time!
Good user experience is very important for fintech-startup – because a good interface is a quick one. In other words, it might not speed up your services, but it is far more important that it won't slow it down!

User experience

Here, we go back to traditional banks and the beginning of this article. Fintech-startup websites should have good UX in order to successfully compete with other projects and clumsy banks. Good user experience is also related to speed – the speed of getting the desired result. Your customers should be able to get anything in 2-3 clicks. «Pay – validate payment – get a receipt», «Get a credit – provide your data – receive a decision», etc. Client’s convenience must be everywhere – when customers enter information about themselves when they upload documents, or even when they try to contact your support.
Think about good user experience as your competitive advantage or even as your financial benefit, which it really is.

Intuitive interface

The third cornerstone of good UX is visceral. The intuitive interface means that your customers can find anything even if they have never used your product or have never visited your website before. Of course, it also means «speed» – in this case, it is the time required to figure out how to get what you need. If your customers can’t find useful information or can’t get access to your services – your interface isn’t intuitive.

Trust the professionals

Good UX must be created by professionals in this field. They will be able to develop an intuitive and convenient design, carefully create and connect many web-interface elements. Thanks to the comfortable design, the resulting website will be perfectly displayed on any screen, any device, and in any browser, which is very important for a positive user experience. Professional digital agencies can help you with both – your design and branding, as well as the UX for your product.

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