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What is a good Landing Page?

Dan Kurskiy

The essence of web design is constant improvement and development. Remember how websites looked in 90s, and compare how they look now. And it's not about designers didn’t know how to draw. They did. But Landing Page creation is not only their challenge. Technologies are evolving; marketing is developing, as well as new opportunities are emerging.

Due to these reasons, it’s impossible to create perfect Landing Page, as well as define detailed requirements to it simply because your competitors will immediately copy your idea, and your best landing will become one among many alike pages.

However, on my rough estimate, for 80% of current landings, race for innovation is not the reason why they sell poorly and show low efficiency. As always, human factor is the main reason, namely – cock-ups, which I’ll explain in this article.

Where I am?

How often did you ask yourself such a question when you open a particular landing? You visit a site and see a huge image on the whole scrolling screen. Maybe, you will even see slider and these images will be changing.

You can look on them for a long time, but you do not understand what is offered on such site and what this site is in principle.

I really don’t know who started it. Most likely, customers who estimate the toughness of design by quality of pictures. If there are a lot of them and they are bright - it means cool and expensive. Anyway, it doesn’t! If in the first 3 seconds it is not clear what landing is about – it’s bad! 

Let me touch!

All good marketing experts have known that the customer needs to be allowed to touch the product. When he takes it into his hands, the probability of sale will significantly increase. The buyer will instinctively begin to consider that thing as his property and will not want to part from it.

Yes, we couldn’t touch things on site. But we can show them. Actually, it’s the only thing we can. And what do we usually show? Even if you have the most creative and expensive landing in the world, it does not mean that you do not add photos of the goods made with point-and-shoot.

• Hire a professional photographer
• Take a photo of goods from different angles
• Integrate photo zoom functionality so you can learn all the smallest details
• Record a video review

Cool doesn’t mean effective

The coolness of design can be estimated in different ways. For someone, the best design is bright. For someone on the contrary - minimalistic. Please understand, you need not cool, you need selling design. It should not distract attention away from the goods or description of the service.

The simplest and most stripped-down example: a text file in a notebook will sell better than the coolest design in the world, if this file contains more attractive offer for the customer and sends a clear message.

Stand out

I'm not talking about waving flags or hanging balloons in the design. I wrote about this in the previous paragraph. I'm talking about the very essence of designers’ work. Before the start of layout creation, most designers begin to look through someone else's work and form their opinion about current trends in a particular topic. This is a good, but not the best approach. Doing so, we’ve got millions of identical landings that look like two peas in a pod. You must use beam and exercise creativity to make a truly high-quality product. Constantly try something new and evaluate the effectiveness. You should be copied.

All attention to details

They distinguish a high-quality product from consumer goods. On your landing everything should be perfect:
• No perversion of spelling
• Length and formatting
• Font
• Photos of goods
• Availability and quality of video
• Site operation speed
• Reliability of hosting
• Quality of formatting
• Adaptability

In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of these points. But imagine what will happen if there is a problem with at least one of them? What will the customer think, when he finds perversion of spelling in the description of the goods for 10.000 $? Will he read three long paragraphs of the text that describe the elite expensive watches? How will he respond to Comic Sans font on the legal website? ..

And in conclusion

The article is not written by the designer. I am a SEO specialist and have been promoting sites for 12 years. I work directly on increasing sales and can clearly explain you why the overwhelming majority do not have a good landing:

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Download templates, do landings with design tools, do them on your own, do them for free and think why your landing does not sell, why its advertising is not effective and where to get more money to buy more advertising. Maybe it will suddenly become more effective.

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