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Ways for money conning out of website creation

Dan Kurskiy

A miser pays twice, a doughy three times, a simpleton - all his life. The purpose of my article is to warn you against possible deceit when ordering a site development service.
It should seem that it was high time to learn the first and main sign that you are going to be deceived - a substantively lower price for a product or service that for all reasons should be expensive. But some people are unbreakable. They are like mammoths, will not die out.

Instead of asking the question, why it is so cheap and where is the catch here, they look on purpose for cheaper offers.

However, guys who sell dear can also be scammers. I will also describe their ways of honest denuding of money in my article.

Most Popular Deceit Schemes

1 - Stolen pictures in design

Any photos, any graphic images are not taken from the air - these are objects of copyright and you can get a claim with a tidy sum for their use without the author’s permission, and if you refuse to pay - wait for the summons, and the amount will be even higher.

The cost of making a graphic image from the scratch or organizing a photo shoot is not cheap. If you order an inexpensive site, with almost 100% guarantee there will be either completely stolen or partially changed graphic arts. In both cases, you break the law by using them. It's you, not the person who made the site for you. The claim will come on your legal address and then you will have to prove that dogs don't climb trees and hunt for your developer.

2 - You can be connected to their CMS

If your site is developed on CMS with a closed source code, be prepared for the fact that for any minor editing you will pay 500 - 1000% more than if your site was developed on an open source CMS.

In the first case, only your developer and no one else in the world will be able to make edits to your site. You just do not have anyone else to apply to. Of course, the encrypted code can be opened, but such work will cost as 500 of your sites and not all specialists will be able to do it.

3 - Template sold to you for the price of a unique design

Practically in any studio engaged in creating a unique design, you can hear a lot of instructive stories why unique design is better. And it is really better. But do you understand the difference between unique design and the one that only you have?

A unique design is the one when creating it you at least saw prototypes of future pages of the site before.

Template – perhaps, unique only in that it is used only on your site. It can be bought just for $ 60 and, of course, it is not designed for the specifics of your business. The question is how much it will be sold to you. As a rule, 10 times more expensive.

4 - Several times overpriced trifles

Installing Google Analytics, registering with the search engines, setting up a LiveInternet counter and other trifles that take no more than 5 minutes to complete – all these will easily be sold to you for $ 100. Performers do not blink an eye simply because you not to have a clue in that.

5 - Already paid work can be dressed up in the garb of improvement

When creating a website, you will inevitably come across a stage of testing the final product. Here is a fine line between developer’s cock-ups and the client's desires. Here you will be rescued only by a competent terms of reference (TR). In terms of thickness, it should look like a term paper, 60 pages is not a limit.

Preparation and approval of TR are always neglected when developing a cheap site. That is why developer, not you, will determine the thickness of the line between the cock-up and improvement.

6 - You may be billed for non-existent work

This is an endless field for creativity. For example, the estimate of Landing Page development, in which there is a column –programming work - $ 350.
At first glance, it looks logical. You ordered a site, in your view it was done by a programmer. But you don’t have the faintest idea that in 99% of cases you do not need a programmer when developing a landing.

7 - Site can be sold at a knowingly low price in order to sell you the necessary improvements in the future

You are initially and intentionally sold the unfinished site. Of course they win you over with a low price. But as soon as you understand that you need, for example, a feedback form for such a site, you will be surprised that it turns out to be "difficult" and therefore expensive.

8 - Edits of the same layout design are mispresented as different design concepts

In most web studios, the client is usually offered several versions of the design concept for the future site. But the client rarely understands that two different button colors are not two different design concepts. Under the contract, you paid for example for three different concepts, but instead you can get three edits of the same layout.

9 - You can simply be cheated.

This, as a rule, is the sin of freelancers. And they get smarter. If earlier they just took advance payment and disappeared, today they take an advance payment, make a real trash in 5 minutes on the principle of "bug off" and show it to you. Of course you are not happy, but the freelancer is not interested in that. He took the advance payment and he did not need the second part of the money. And you can not prove anything anywhere.

How to protect yourself from deceit

I did not give all the methods of deception above, but you can avoid all of them following three simple tips. Here are these tips:
1. Do not chase a low price.
2. Choose a performer who values his or her reputation. Even if you are a very conflicting client, you will simply receive all the money and hear a polite “goodbye”.
3. Buy an expert opinion / support service from outside specialists. They are very cheap, but controlling the development process by a knowledgeable person from the side will save you a lot of money.

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