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Powerful types of visual content for stunning real estate web design

How to create a good design for real estate company? Isn’t it enough just to provide a good description and the address for the potential client? As practice demonstrates, it is not that simple. The way you present the information is a crucial factor that directly affects the traffic and, consequently, the volume of sales. One should fascinate the audience with a beautiful site first, so one should make it visually stunning. 

Real estate projects web design
There are a lot of powerful means today that can be used to make a stunning real estate web design. There are no technical obstacles on the way. Broadband Internet connections bring in new expectations and open big prospects for creativity. The site should be eye-catching to stand out from other real estate websites. The best way to achieve it is to look what things are preferred by the audience at the moment and determine what trends to follow. Find the hottest ones to make the site appealing and create a killer design! If you cope with it, the site will have a hypnotizing effect upon people.

Web deisgn for real estate project

Beautiful custom photo backgrounds

Real estate web design will not be successful without engaging photographic content. Much attention is paid to the visuals on the sites where property is rented or sold. Real estate websites should present high quality photos that should be adjustable to the size of the screen. The photos are resized automatically and the site should look equally appealing on different devices. Engaging photographic content is often combined with bold colors and minimalism.

Full screen video backgrounds

As the number of sites grows, increases the competition vying for the audience attention. The customers become more demanding as well. As a result, the sites look for more sophisticated ways to captivate visitors. If done well, full screen video backgrounds work efficiently for it. The trend is growing with expansion of advanced technologies. Something that was hard to implement several years ago is easy to perform with HTML5 technology.

Such sites look more interesting than traditional, static designs. It is almost impossible to ignore the moving picture. The conversion experts assure that videos raise the interest to the offer and increases the loyalty of consumers.
Besides, the owner can refresh the design easily. It is enough just to change the video for that. You can create visually stunning real estate sites using this feature.

Parallax scrolling

This feature has come from the classic video games and became trendy in the world of web design several years ago. Since then it does not want to leave. The sites with parallax effect look spectacular.


Asymmetrical design is the hottest trend. The site should not necessarily be symmetrical because balance is more important than symmetry. Asymmetry with different intensity is used for different goals. This design is more sophisticated and should not be used if you have much content, otherwise the users feel scattered and lost. Symmetrical design is a better choice for sites with large quantities of text. It is simple and logical. You should choose symmetry if you focus on easier use. Those who want to emphasize creativity, asymmetrical design can be helpful. This feature helps the eye move along the site and directs the visitors to more important content.

Asymmetry is highly efficient when it is balanced well. Only professionals are able to balance visual elements and make asymmetry work for business.

Custom designed maps

If you add a custom map to the site, it makes the design unique. Property searching becomes more user-friendly when interactive map is available on it.

Usually it takes much effort, time and patience to fill in the complicated forms to narrow down the search. Easy navigation is a huge benefit of such maps.
These elements help to economize time. It is easy to start search with it. Clicking on an area that is of interest to you, you can get access to the listings much faster.
The professional will help you to integrate custom designed map on the home page of real estate company.


Infographics added to the site improves perception and makes the web page more interesting.

The types of visual content offered above have a powerful effect upon the visitors and raise site conversion. You should select them depending upon the goals set. 

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