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How to design good website for cryptocurrency or ICO project?

Robert Mart
business analyst

Importance of website design for successful ICO

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a very effective means to attract investments to the cryptocurrency enterprise. This kind of crowdsourcing is incredibly popular at the moment and many investors try to take advantage of the opportunity, buying tokens and supporting the projects that are of interest to them. But what is necessary to make them interested? There are a lot of factors that contribute to successful business, and website design is one of such things. Moreover, this is one of the core things that can be compared with a showcase. Well-designed website will work for ICO and increase the number of clients at an exponential rate.

Power of first impression

The design of the website should persuade the visitors that it belongs to professionals. This is very important for ICO that is considered to be a risky venture. It’s essential to build customer trust with all means possible. It is recommended to use the unique design and graphics for it to avoid a cheap look. It is hard to establish trust and look reliable with such online presence. Even the most interesting idea behind the project will lose its attraction in this case.
When the site is half-ready or presents low-quality design, no matter how brilliant the whitepaper is. What’s the use of it if you do not get the second chance? Potential clients may not even read it after dull presentation. You skipped the opportunity to attract the user. Do not underestimate the power of first impression! The professional website design fulfills this task brilliantly.

Maximize the efficiency of conversion with intuitive design

The design should be clear and intuitive. Simple navigation provides better conversion.The site should not be cluttered and distract attention of visitors. Let them study the whitepaper, explore the roadmap and see the token sale timeline. The site should clearly show the future plans of the company and describe them in detail. High quality content plays a big role. Well-written texts along with graphic and video files make your web presence more convincing and drive more traffic to the site.
Site with responsive design is preferable as it is convenient for mobile users as well. The interface and graphics is easily adjusted to any screen size.

One can’t help but click the CTA buttons

The efficacy is achieved with attention-grabbing CTA buttons. Call-to-action button can be effective when sense of urgency is added. Such buttons have highest click-through rates. This is not a problem with hard cap ICO when the element of urgency is included. You have to hurry to participate before the sale is closed.

Three stages of ICO project

The site should provide answers to all questions that can arise. This is acute for any online project. However, the design for ICO is more complicated as it depends upon the status of project. All ICOs go through three stages and the design should differ accordingly.
- Pre-ICO stage
- Post-ICO stage

Pre-ICO stage is very responsible and determines the future of the project. Its functionality is different from the ones that follow next. The site at this stage should encourage the customers to participate in the project. The site should provide all necessary info to urge the users invest into enterprise. Then ICO and post-ICO stage follow.

Huge potential of social media

Each reliable company is presented in social media now as it helps to grow your business. When the clients have positive experience with a company in social media, they are more likely to contribute to it.

High quality design exudes professionalism and credibility. If you manage to do it and consider the tips above, you will gain more contributors to cryptocurrency project.

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