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How to create the tourism site that sells

Robert Mart

Planning ideal vacation

There are so many amazing tourist destinations that you do not know, which one to choose, planning a trip of a lifetime. You dream about a perfect vacation, but how to arrange it? Carefully planned trip will not be a waste of time and money, so you need to plan your vacation first. This is easy to do as multiple tourism websites provide tons of useful information about different holiday destinations. It can be helpful when you plan your ideal vacation.

Tourism websites open new horizons and contribute to infrastructure

Tourism website helps vacationers to make the most of their dream trip. There are a lot of places that can be of interest to people, but lack of information about such destinations devoid people of exciting adventures. If the place is unknown to the public, it doesn’t attract tourists, hence there is no money for development of tourism infrastructure. Tourism websites help to develop the economy of the region and make the vacation more versatile!

Clients explore the websites to choose the destination

According to statistics, over 70% of people start researching online when they need to plan the vacation. It means that every tourist company should have online representation and it should be attractive to make the visitors stay and keep them coming back.
Tourism website should meet the customers’ demands. The site helps visitors to find the answers to their questions. Being a storefront of a tourist company, a sea resort etc., it should give a glimpse of the destination. This information helps people to understand what they like most. It seems romantic to choose the vacation spot in a random fashion: spinning the globe, then stopping it to choose the destination where the finger lands. However, this is not the best solution. Much depends upon your compatibility with the place. For instance, adrenaline junkie will feel bored during the sightseeing trip, while the older person would prefer some quite resort to hotels surrounded with clubs and bars. The person should clearly see the perfect environment for him in terms of climate and conditions. The content on the site can help to visualize it and avoid the mistake choosing the tour.

Provide authentic information

The information should be authentic to avoid further disappointment. Make sure that the customer understands what amenities he can find at the place. The level of service should meet the customers’ expectations.

Add visual content that sells

It is necessary to use beautiful pictures and add convincing text that clearly delivers the message. Tourism website should include a lot of galleries with pretty photos. However, all photos that look like adverts should be avoided because the customers subconsciously avoid such content. It is better not to use stock images that are perceived as false. As a result, your company looks phony and false. Add captions or relevant text to the images. You should understand that the clients look for great experience, not for commodity. Therefore feelings and emotions of other clients will be of special interest for them.
It is necessary not to forget about the impact of graphic files on usability of the site. Use limited amount of visual content. Reduce the size of files for speedy downloading to avoid frustration of your potential customers. The users can just go away when it takes too long for images to download. Beautiful photos have a power to entice and sell trips but should be optimized properly for site and its mobile version.
Video can perfectly complement the site. For instance, a half of leisure travelers choose the hotel basing upon videos of the place. As for the business travelers, over 70% of them prefer to see video of the hotel first.

Importance of additional useful information

Make the site highly functional for your users. Add Google map to easily locate the hotel or the guest house. Add weather widget to let the vacationers know what to expect when they arrive. There are other things as well that can be of interest to travelers such as restaurants, events and leisure activities near the vacation spot. The site can be a good navigator for your customers when they are far from home.

Think of mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is of special importance for tourism web-projects. Your site should be available on the move to guide the travelers who lose their way and do not know what to do in the unknown environment.
It is important for the site to have responsive web-design. Your site will look attractive on devices with different screen resolution.

How to improve usability and navigation

Here are some tips to follow when you create tourism website.
* Keep the design of the site clean and uncluttered to make it easy to use. If the site is not confusing, the number of your online reservations will increase.
* Add search to the site to improve navigation and help your visitors find the necessary info. The search should produce the relevant results or show related items.
* You can also consider adding filtering and sorting options to narrow down the data. This is a painless way for users to find what users are looking for. For instance, you can use such filtering functionalities as Price, Alphabetical Order or Rating.
* Add clear and concise text on the site. People do not read texts word for word but rather scan the webpage. The text with headings and subheadings is easier perceived and gives an idea what it is all about. Bulleted lists can be helpful to improve the perception of texts. These features make the text more structured. It is also good for search engines optimization.

Tips to improve sales

If you want to create a successful tourism website that sells, you should not ignore the information mentioned above. However, there are some tips that can help you attract more customers and increase sales.
* Add scrolling feature instead of making your visitors click. Users prefer scrolling. Scrolling is much faster and can provide much information on one page.
* You should not forget about call to action buttons that should be highly visible.
* Do not forget to highlight the best-selling tours on the site.
* You should broaden the community. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been the most effective for tourism industry. People share their experience in social media and you should create the opportunities for them to do it. Let your clients leave the reviews on the site or in your Facebook group.