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How to create excellent fintech project design?

Robert Mart

The role of fintech projects in our life

The sector of financial services goes through considerable transformation at the moment. Some call these shifts revolutionary. Financial technology also called fintech launched the industry evolution. It became much easier for consumers to get financial services. More things are available for us now. The whole sector was redefined and reshaped fundamentally. At present a wide array of things can be purchased 24/7. Tech ventures compete vigorously to get their clients, so well-designed site can be an excellent marketing tool for these companies.

What is fintech

Fintech includes all kinds of financial technology projects, working in the sphere of payments, insurance and others. Fintech companies can specialize on B2B or B2C clients. Fintech ventures are more flexible compared to big banks, for instance. They are more responsive and customer-friendly, while huge banks act like huge slow ships. Fintech ventures easily switch to new projects and this feature helps them survive and stay afloat in periods of crisis when large companies fail. All this should be taken into consideration when you develop the site for fintech project. It is worth noting that the task is rather challenging. The number of sites crossed the billion mark several years ago, and you need to create a web product that will stand out.

How to start

You have to think about the customers who will come to the site. You need to imagine the interaction of the common person with financial organization and remember your own experience. Replay it in your mind now: how you have to prove your identity and explain your needs.

Consider the functionality

It is not enough just to provide a beautiful design. The functionality of the site should be on height. When the site is ready you should test it before launching. It should work well in different browsers and should be adapted to any screen size. The site should be equally nice on the screen of mobile phone, tablet and computer. There are special testing tools for that.

Provide information, not a quest!

Visitors’ experience depends upon navigation. It should be simple and easy to use. This is one of the core aspects for usability. The site with disorganized navigation is like driving the visitors to the particular place with hazy directions. The journey is so hard that they are just lost along the way. Your task is to provide the information for users, not a quest to get it. If it takes much time to figure out how it works, the person just leaves. Create easy to follow directions, use concise and clear categories to give easy access to information. In the age of high speed technology, people love to get everything fast. Organized navigation improves aesthetic appeal, makes the
site look neat and professional.

Fintech design should enhance brand identity

The designer should do everything to improve brand identity so that logo, color and fonts used on the site make the brand more recognizable. Companies do their best to make the brand memorable and professional designers know how to maintain a strong and consistent brand identity.

Excellent design invokes the right feel

The layout and design should invoke the right feel. Well-designed fintech sites have the potential to deliver positive emotions to the customers thus creating better experiences. If you cope with this task, you will create an excellent fintech design.

How to fit all in a single app

There is one more challenge when the designer tries to fit in numerous features of the bank in an app. Good design of the dashboard and its functionality is equally important. People like to find all necessary information fast and dashboards are very helpful. After registration users get access to the dashboards in their accounts. All they need is at hand. There can be latest transactions there, stats and other data. Mobile device users should feel convenient when they access data in their account. Add sorting filters there that are easy to apply.

What is done for easy perception

The companies try to provide information for their users in digestible manner. Therefore, they widely use images, charts, infographics and other kinds of visualization for education of consumers. The task is not only to attract your potential client but educate them as well especially if the product you offer is not known to the public. The fintech startup should provide much explanation to activate new concept and convince the prospective client to join the project.

Fintech company should maintain trust

When you make the site for fintech project that is detached from physical branches, it is necessary to give as much related data as possible so that users could easily understand how it all works without going to help section or applying for support. Website should provide the utmost transparency.

Customer is king

No matter what kind of fintech project is developed, whether it is B2B or B2C fintech company, the customer should be a priority. When you hear customer is king this is not just a marketing mantra. The practice shows that this more than a platitude. User-friendly design plays the crucial role and affects the ROI.

Minimalism is taking over

One of the latest trends in design is simplicity. Trying not to distract the clients with unnecessary details, the sites remove unimportant details. Focus on space makes such approach appealing for visitors. It is also a good option because simple design works great in responsive environment. Also, such pages are loaded faster.

Some more things to consider

There are also other details that are worth noting.
1. Unique typography is a part of brand identity strategy. Beautiful typography looks
2. Custom icons enhance visual environment and give the site an edge over other sites.

Keep all these things in mind when you develop the next fintech design. These tips will help you
to create an excellent fintech website.

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