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Alternative ways of website promotion

Dan Kurskiy

In a highly competitive environment, the timing and cost of website promotion can be not just big, but huge. Customers can invest money in SEO for months, years, and not get almost any return at the same time.

Of course, this is not a normal, but quite frequent situation. Sometimes it really takes a very long time to work on the site before the search engines start trusting it.

In order to minimize the risks and start at least justify the means invested in site promotion, I recommend, together with the involvement of organic traffic from Google, to work in parallel with another channel, such as Referral.

What is Referral

Referral are visits to your site by links from other sites. For example, on some forum, someone left a link to your site and people click it. All of them will be visible in Goolge Analytics and will form referral traffic.

What you need to know about referral traffic

· There are subjects in which referral traffic is several times higher than organic traffic from the search.
· You may not be afraid of any sanctions of search engines. Even if your site is completely excluded from the index of Google, you will continue to receive referral traffic at the same volume.
· The sheer fact of having big referral traffic has a positive effect on the organic traffic share.
· You can get referral traffic quickly and even for free.

How to get referral traffic

1. Sign up for Google Business

Many people neglect this free tool. Google very actively promotes it and therefore gives sites, whose companies are signed up for Google Business, a very noticeable bonus.

Be sure to fill all the offered fields in your profile and confirm your company with a paper form letter. Regularly post the latest news and photos in your profile and you will be surprised by the result.

2. Mass Media

Prepare and post only high-quality and useful materials for the media.

Try and write a kind of that for your business. For example, if you are selling laptops, write a large review of the new popular model, take photos and conduct performance tests. Such article will be copied and placed by many thematic sites. There will be a link to your store in the article, so people will follow it.

Recommendation: in each subject there is a number of media that are ready to post high-quality materials for free.

3. Thematic aggregators

Many sites offer money for placing in their catalogs. There are a lot of them and they are different in each niche. Similar sites show different efficiency and often the cost of placement in such aggregators is not justified.
Unfortunately, without trying to pay them once, it's quite difficult to find out. Therefore, many owners of such services are ready to meet their customers’ needs and offer, for example, free placement for a limited period. Look for similar offers and use them.