Fill in the brief
What CMS do you use when creating web-sites?

We propose a solution based on the tasks of the project and its functions. We can develop a project using Wordpress, Joomla, Symfony framework or Tilda, Wix, Readymag solutions. We also offer development using our own Proxima CMS, which involves setting up the administration interface for a specific client.

Is it possible for you to make only prototyping and design mock-ups?

Yes, we regularly carry out projects exclusively for prototyping and creating design mock-ups. We carefully prepare the final materials and prepare the documentation for a qualified transfer of the result of works to the front-development. Also, we are ready to carry out the author's supervision of maintaining high quality when making layouts of our design layouts.

What channels of promotion do we need to use for the best result?

We individually work with each project in the course of developing the strategy and implementing digital advertising campaigns. Based on the objectives, the required effect, duration, budget and the required cost of attracting the target audience, we select the optimal channels for promotion. We can prepare and conduct as a campaign with narrow targeting in a separate district of the city of Birmingam, only for the audience of 30-40 years, and a comprehensive campaign that will involve all the tools: SEO, SMM, contextual advertising and even advertising in payment terminals.

Can you solve non-standard tasks, for example, develop a video for our advertising campaign or site?

Our work as an agency involves regular work with proven external contractors. We know the market well, talented specialists and we will be able to select a professional for the solution of the most specific problem, whether it be creating an illustration in the Gothic style or keeping a channel in Telegram similar to the "former" one.

We already have a website, can you take it for support?

We strive for long-term relationships with customers, this requires the support of existing products. We are ready to consider the possibility of supporting and developing your project.

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